September 27, 2009

Minutes for the meeting of September 23, 2009

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In attendance: Ed, Roosevelt, Simon, Stan, Jim, John W., Anthony, Jesse, Ted

The meeting was called to order at approximately 3:15 p.m. at the Listening House.  The chair reviewed the main points in the letter to be emailed to Carter and confirmed that a letter to the Board of Advisors would be mailed  prior to the next meeting.  The issue of a lack of toilet facilities that are open to the public in downtown St. Paul after business hours will be added to the list of items to be discussed with Council-person Carter.

The chair informed membership that the donation of a laptop computer to VfC by an employee of DaVita industries would improve communication among the membership and between the chair and members. Said donation will allow for the resurrection of Vox Veritas, VfC’s newsletter. Simon suggested that the newsletter be issued at least quarterly, the chairs stated with contributions for members, the newsletter should be a monthly publication.  Anthony inquired about the standards of submission and appropriateness of potential articles. The Chair cited the previously such issues were addressed by an ad hoc committee of those most actively involved and promised that every effort would be made to include any work submitted by a member.

Ed, Simon and Mark spoke to the taping of the Voices for Change Forum that was covered by a CNN reporter.  Ed summarized the TCCVM segment and Simon add laudatory comments regarding the host. Mark pointed out that th CNN reporter seemed impressed with the level of professionalism. The Chair urged that Voices for Change capitalize on positive notoriety of the MinnPost and CNN stories by continuing to produce quality shows and remaining visible at political events and citizens board meetings.

The Chair issued a call for increased communication between members and with our allied groups such as Take Action and Lift.  It was noted that Take Action’s mass gubernatorial meeting was Sept. 26 and the MN Coalition for the Homeless will occur on Sept. 29 and 30.  Voices for Change members were encourage to participate in both events.

The Chair reported contacting the Wilder Foundation concerning participating in its upcoming survey.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 4:10pm.