Agenda for October 29


October 29 meeting of Voices for Change


Call to order and introductions

Job Seekers

November 4th Election and the Election Party





Carlos Mariani opts out of all candidate forumsB.

Breakfast, Lunch, what’s on the menu?C.

Logistics between Listening House and DDCD.

Prizes and other activities

E. November 2nd Senatorial Debate at the Fitzgerald Theatre

1. Scheduled start time, 7:00 p.m.

2. Admission is free



A. Current status of this month’s issue

B. Blog comment



November issue 1.

Post election issue

a. Publish by Nov. 12thb. Recap on our election day party

2. Submissions eagerly sought



Voices for Change TV showVI.

Legislative Agenda for upcoming State congressional session

A. What initiatives do we support?

B. What lobbying or advocacy tactics and strategies should we employ?



C.C.’s film project proposal VIII.

New Business (or additional old business)


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