Meeting Minutes May 15, 2008

Voices of Change

Minutes of Meeting

May 15, 2008

3:05 PM Meeting Called to Order by Ralph.

3:05 PM Minutes of May 7, 2008 approved.

3:10 PM- 3:25 PM Locker project discussed. Robin volunteered to sit at lockers on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. On Wednesday Robin and Michael S. Will go to Dorothy Day at 2:00 PM to have an informational meeting and sign people up for lockers.

3:30 PM-3:50 PM discussion of Town Hall Meeting.
Subject of May 23rd meeting: Carol, Homeless Advisory Board Advisor, and representatives from Heading Home Ramsey and SPACH will come and host a question and answer session about homeless issues. They will also briefly describe their job functions and Project Homeless Connect.
Suggestions for June Town Hall Meeting: “Hot Addresses” and solutions to obtaining employment while homeless. Mike D. will contact his media contact with the newspaper to have an article published about potential employers who have “blackballed” these “hot addresses”.

3:50 PM- 4:00 PM Floor turned over to Michael S., who has been working on the web site. Ralph will have a computer and projector in two weeks to show the website to the rest of the group. Mike D. suggested using to post the site.

4:00 PM Meeting adjourned by Ralph.

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