Meeting Minutes May 7, 2008

Voices of Change

Minutes of Meeting

May 7, 2008

3:05 PM: Meeting called to order by Ralph.

3:05-3:10 PM minutes of last meeting approved

3:10-3:20 PM: Introductions by Ralph, Melody, Michael S., Mike D., Frank, Tyrone, Leonard, Stan, Carol

3:20-3:50 PM: Floor turned over to Carol.
Question by Carol: What are some of the barriers of transition of release of prison to outside?
Answer given: Employment is hard to obtain and retain because of history and PO’s. When some PO’s have visited the Job site they have caused jobs to be lost.
Question by Carol: What are some of the barriers to ending homelessness?
Answers given: Employment hard to obtain and retain because of living conditions, lack of support, lack of funds for the period between date of hire and first check.
Question by Carol: People who are put in housing after experiencing homelessness have hard time transitioning because they are no longer living in as close a community and tend to go back. What can be done to help prevent this?
Answer given: Move the Supportive housing farther away from the missions. Offer more support/counseling. Have supportive housing offer activities for people living there to help with transition.

3:50-4:15 PM: Discussion of Town Hall Meeting
Suggestion: Project Homeless Connect
Suggestion: Republican Convention
Suggestion: Carol will come and discuss Ramsey Discharge Plan/Ways of ending homelessness.
Carol is going to be the guest speaker and do more Q and A. We will start discussing topics for June’s meeting at May 14, 2008 meeting.

4:15-4:30 PM: Discussion of Locker Project
Changes were made to the rental agreement to include drug policy.
Compared DDC lockers to ours.
Volunteer sheet passed around, Michael S. Signed up for Mondays 9:30 AM-11:00 AM Frank Filled up all slots to help the project since no one else would volunteer

4:20-4:25 PM Discussion of SPACH.
SPACH has offered to help VOC to supplement the rent for lockers if VOC will submit letter. Ralph Passed a letter around and all members signed the letter to be sent to SPACH

4:31-4:40 PM Motion to Adjourn by Tyrone, Seconded by Melody. Ralph Adjourned at 4:40 PM

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