Meeting Minutes Sept. 17, 2008

Minutes for Meeting

September 17, 2008

In attendance: Ralph O., C. C., Kayla P., David S., Anthony C., Jesse W., Jim B., Ed P., Ted D.(chair), Mike D.

*Ed explained the availability of free voice mail. Both the Listening House and Dorothy Day offer the service.

*Mike D. reported that the locker project is still alive; at least three lockers were rented this month. The expectation was voiced that the coming winter should see an increase in locker rentals. Vox Veritas has had some impact in increasing rentals

*The Chair made membership aware of the blog-page. It was agreed that the page should be kept current as much as possible.

*Membership approved the motion that Voices of Change develop its own television show independent of the show currently produced by Ralph. Several ideas for shows were discussed. The possibility of Voices for Change purchasing an organization membership at SPNN was discussed. As three member of VFC are also members of SPNN, a organization membership was deemed unnecessary at this time.

*Membership agreed that the Listening House was a preferable location over DDC for the Nov. 4. Get Out the Vote election party. Membership also supported a District 65b candidate forum to be held a DDCM


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