Meeting Minutes April 30, 2008

Voices of Change

Minutes of Meeting

April 30, 2008

3:00 PM: Meeting called to order by Chairperson Ralph, seconded by Melody.

3:01-3:05 PM: Introductions by Ralph, Melody, Michael S., Mike C., Mike D., Frank, Melvin, Tim, and Anthony.

3:06-3:30 PM: Discussion of Town Hall Meeting, held every month on the fourth Friday.
Ralph asked what the subject of the Town Hall Meeting should be.
Suggestion: Job Fair, Employment issues
Suggestion: Organize a phone/letter writing campaign to elected officials voicing concerns.
Suggestion: Create a website/blog Michael S. volunteered to work on website.
No Consensus, Place on agenda for May 7, 2008 Meeting

3:30-4:15 PM: Discussion of Locker Project
Mike D. Passed out rough draft of rental agreement, map of location, FAQ sheet and a volunteer check list. He then explained each document. Mike then passed around a volunteer sign up sheet.
Michael S. signed up for Monday mornings from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Mike C. signed up for Monday afternoon from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM.
Frank wanted a specific drug policy added to the agreement. Will discuss at May 7, 2008 meeting.
Other miscellaneous changes suggested for map. Changes will be made by Mike D.

4:16-4:30 PM Discussion of SPACH.
SPACH has offered to help VOC to supplement the rent for lockers if VOC will submit letter. Ralph will have letter at May 7, 2008 meeting.

4:31-4:40 PM Ralph handed out St. Louis and Hennepin County Discharge Plans. Asked us to look over plans to have suggestions at May 7, 2008 meeting

4:40 PM Motion to Adjourn by Tim, Seconded by Anthony. Ralph Adjourned meeting at 4:40 PM

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