Meeting minutes for October 1

Minutes for the Voices for Change meeting of October 1

In attendance: Mike D. (MN coalition for the Homeless), Ralph O., Ed P. (TCCVM), Dave S., Anthony C., C. C., Ted D. (Chair), Doug F.

Meeting called to order at 3:10 p.m.

· Report on the TV show: C. C., Ralph O. and the Chair reported on the taping of the production of Voices for Change’s first television show. The hour-long program consisted of a panel discussion about voting turnout in Minnesota with an emphasis on the traditionally poor turnout among low-income citizens. By all accounts, the taping went well. Ralph said that he expected to have a DVD of the program ready to submit to SPNN by October 7. Mike D. suggested that the program be shown at Listening House, Dorothy Day Center, possibly the Union Gospel Mission and other places were homeless and low-income citizens congregate and might be encouraged to vote. The question of whether it was prudent for Voices For Change to acquire its own membership at SPNN was raised. Ralph voiced his belief that organization members can check out equipment as independent producers; if that is the case, no organization membership would be necessary for Voices for Change. C.C. expressed that it is her understanding that limits on checking out items, such as the switcher, applied to all members operating under an organization’s group membership. The Chair tabled further discussion on this point until the rules by which SPNN operates could be unequivocally established. No specific suggestions for future shows were forthcoming, but there was agreement on producing more shows.

· November 4 Election Day: Discussion continues with Catholic Charities as to whether the Election Day Party will take place at Dorothy Day or the Listening House. The Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.; our intention is to have the party begin at 7 a.m. and continue until at least 7 in the evening. David S. pointed out that many men using the Union Gospel Mission do not know exactly where the Listening House is located. It was resolved that fliers advertising the Election Day Party will include directions and a map to assist in locating the Listening House. Mike D. informed members that discussion continues concerning a candidate forum involving Carlos Mariani and Lisa Murphy. The two candidates will be invited to the Dorothy Day Center on Wednesday October 15 or 22.  The forum will take place on whichever date the two candidates agree upon as more convenient

· Job Seekers: Ralph O. and the Chair reported having met and agreed to apply for public transit passes as part of the Job Seekers program. Paperwork for the Job Seekers program is due Thursday October 2, 2008 by 4p.m. Ralph O. mentioned that Rosemarie Reger-Rumsey of the Listening House has, along with the Salvation Army, agreed to sponsor Voices for Change in our effort to obtain bus passes.

· Locker Program: Mike D. reported that the locker program continues.

· New Business: Ralph O. mentioned several programs he thought might be of interest to the membership including the Breaking Free candle light vigil on University Ave. The Chair instructed Ralph to email that information to those interested

Meeting adjourned at 4:00


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