Voices for Change is of a group created by currently and formerly homeless people living  in St. Paul, Minnesota.  We employ direct action organizing to engage individuals and institutions of power on issues relating to preventing and ending homelessness.  We work to hold our elected officials accountable  to our community and the community at large.  We educate others about homelessness, poverty and related issues and work to influence public policy decisions that impact currently homeless or low-wealth citizens.  We help ourselves to find resources for housing, employment, health care, etc.

We welcome your support and involvement.


Ralph, Mike, Michael, Anthony, Frank, Stan, Melody, Tyrone, Doug, Anthony, Sue, Jimmy, Carlos, Sheila, Gerald, Robert, Michelle, Kelly, Alana, George, Jesse, and countless others too numerous to list here.

voices for change will resume updating this blog in Jauary of 2010